Why visiting Ganjibhoyare is a Good Idea ?

Why visiting Ganjibhoyare is a Good Idea ?

Ganjibhoyare is a small village situated in Parner taluka. The identity of which is formed by a Shiva temple also known as Anchaleshwar. This village is about 12 km from Parner. There is a great & best gate to enter the village.

Ganjibhoyare : Unseen India

Pandhare & Company Old Castle :

Pandhare & Company Castle, Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

In the village there is a “Pandhare and company1 ” old-time castle. There are two roads behind the door at the entrance to the entrance. One of them passes directly to Jawla and the other road goes to Chincholi.

Pir Saheb Dargah, Ganjibhoyare :

Peer Saheb Dargah is in the front of the castle. Many devotees come here on Peer Saheb Jayanti.

Pir Saheb Dargah Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Maharashtra, India

Anchleshwar Temple Ganjibhoyare :

Anchaleshwar Mandir Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Anchaleshwar Temple is identity of Ganjibhoyare village.

In the temple, there are idols of Mahadev Shankar, Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman and Saibaba gods and goddesses. There is a crowd of devotees annually to visit this temple.

Lord Shankara’s idol at Anchaleshwar Mandir, Ganjibhoyare Parner Ahmednagar Maharashtra


Idols of Lord Ram, Seetam Laxman, Radhe, Krishna, Vitthal & Rakhumai at Anchaleshwar Mandir, Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Maharashtra, India


Kund inside Anchaleshwar Temple, Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Maharashtra, India


Water Dam near Anchaleshwar Mandir, Ganjibhoyare :

A small dam has been built adjacent to the temple. Many different types of birds can be found here.

Water Dam near Anchaleshwar Temple, Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Maharashtra, India

Dongarbaba Dargah, Ganjibhoyare :

There is a dargah on the hill, North of the temple. You can easily reach there by walk.

Way to Dongarbaba Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Maharashtra, India

There is a tough way till you get the stairs showed in picture. Travelling with bike will be best decision to these places. It is impossible to store the beauty of nature from there. There is a mango tree at a distance of 3 km from the east side of the dargah.

Dongarbaba Dargah,Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India


Dongarbaba, Ganjibhoyare

After seeing the tree, I think the pleasure of having lunch under the mango tree can not be expressed in words.

Dongarbaba, Ganjibhoyare, Parner, Maharshtra, India

And here is one more when we started the returning journey.

Ganjibhoayare in the evening

As a person moves from village to city, I see the decrease in the humanity. That is what happens to us in the villages that we see the great humanity. Many people told us about the village and told us a few things about it after going to the village. I thank all of them from my team.


Photographs : Shantanu Deshmukh

Helpers : Ankit Gandhi, Sunny Gandhi, Chayan Dol.

Concept, Description, Compiler : Hitesh Shetiya



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