The unconventional RoadTrip to Himachal with Friends

The unconventional RoadTrip to Himachal with Friends

Nothing can beat the feeling of travelling in the mountains with your best buddies ! Ahaa! The moment you enter on the Himalayan Roads you are on a different state of mind.

The thrilling journey from Kasol, Kullu, Manali, Rohtang Pass, Keylong, Mumbai to Chandigarh to and fro flight.

Here is the brief how we made it :

The Unconventional Roadtrip to Himachal Part 1
The Unconventional Roadtrip to Himachal Part 2

I would love to start with Hindi quote :

“Kabhi lage Zindagi chut si gayi hai, ek baar apno ke saath Mountains waali Trip par chale jaao, Zindagi wapas mil jaayegi”

Really, Himalaya is the God’s own country.

Day 1 : Mumbai – Chandigarh-Kasol

We started from Mumbai to Chandigarh on 9.00 and reached on 11.30 at airport. Quite good flight by Go Air. My friend booked car from airport for all travels and we picked it up on 12.30. I have been to these places twice before so I knew where are all good places for food. We halted at 14.00 at

Heritage Haveli, NH 21, Roopnagar, Punjab :

Picture ~ Delicious food at Heritage Haveli, Rupnagar, Punjab

If you are going to Himachal then this is the must visit place. We ordered special thali and it was simply awesome. Started for Kasol via Mandi Road. Chandigarh to Kasol total distance is 288 kms and we reached over there at 23.00.

Found a quite good Hotel on the banks of Parbati River named Hotel New Tashila, Somaropa just 3 kms from Kasol Market.

Picture ~ Hotel New Tashila Kasol

We slept with having Maggie on 00.30 and on that time hotel owner served great food. From that day we realized nature of people from Himachal is very helping.

Day 2 : Manikaran – Tosh Village – Hotel New Tashila Kasol :

Manikaran :

Picture ~ Manikaran Saheb & Hotsprings Water


Picture ~ Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, Himachal Pradesh, India


Picture ~ Lord Shiva Temple Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India

Manikaran is famous tourist place situated in Kullu area of Himachal Pradesh State. This place is well known for Shiva Temple, Ram Temple, Gurudwara Manikaran Saheb and boiling water springs. Manikaran is in Parbati (Parvati) valley. Parvati valley is the biggest valley in Kullu locale of Himachal Pradesh state in India covering 90Kms length and 1085 sq.Km zone. The Himalayan range of slopes at Manikaran are called Shivalik range. The Parvati river flows close to the Shiva temple and Gurudwara. The beginning stage of Parvati waterway is at Mantalai. Numerous boiling water springs are found at different places in and around the fundamental region of Manikaran.

Distances between Manikaran and important places:

Manikaran is 35 Kms from Bhuntar, 45 Kms from Kullu, 85 Kms from Manali, 300 Kms from Chandigarh and 545 Kms from New Delhi.

Picture ~ Hot Springs Water at Manikaran


Picture ~ Detail History about Manikaran Saheb, Himachal Pradesh, India

Tosh Village :

Manikaran to Tosh Village distance is 16 kms it takes 50 minutes to reach there.

Believe me it was the most beautiful I have ever seen. Means the mountains, the Café 360 (Pinki Didi ka Dhaba) was at great location.

There is a way from Tosh to Kheerganga Trek. Many trekkers come here.

Having coffee at this place is one of the best thing I have ever experienced.

Picture ~ Tosh Village’s Breathtaking Landscape


Picture ~ Coffee at Cafe 360, Tosh Village

Then we came back to Hotel again. It was a great day. It was my best friend Shubham’s birthday. Shared a lot of college memories after celebration. How memorable night it was !

Day 3 : Brunch at Café Evergreen – Chalal Visit – Back to Hotel and stay on the banks of Parvati River :

After a lot of research on internet we found a place for brunch in Kasol village is Café Evergreen. Great ambience and delicious food. The silence place and the breezing of river by side making this place more pleasant.

Picture ~ Cafe Evergreen Delicious Food, Himachal Pradesh

After that, we went to Chalal by walk. Many trekkers go to this place. We have found some people from Pune, Maharashtra only. Walking by riverside is one of the best experience. We clicked a lot of pictures.

We completed this short walk in 2 hrs and went in the evening to riverside Hotel New Tashila.

We did meditation over there. What a evening it was! It can’t be expressed in words.

Picture ~ Riverside Masti with friends, Behind Hotel New Tashila, Kasol

After that we went to hotel room and at 21.30 we went for Dinner at Hotel Drishyali. Nice food quality as well as pocket friendly rates.

Picture ~ Hotel Drishyali Details

Day 4 : Kasol – Kullu – Manali :

It was a bye bye to Kasol we planned for Spiti valley so we started early and went to Manali via Kullu. It was a 80 kms run. After reaching Manali we got to know that we need permit to travel to Spiti / Leh / Keylong via Leh Manali Highway.

So, near Manali Bus Stand there is a office for Permit and charges are INR 500. Please be there with your Vehicle’s all documents.

Picture ~ Permission Centre for Leh Spiti Keylong Rohtang, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

After that, we had snacks like Pavbhaji and Samosa. Samosa was quite good.

We did’t got the permit for same day, so we decided to stay in Manali and then next day proceed for Spiti via Rohtang Pass. We went to hotel room. And in the evening we went for shopping. Bought Jackets, Sweaters, Poncho for loved ones and went to Café Melange in the evening which is Riverside Beas.

It was one of the best evening we have experienced in Manali.

The food and ambience was totally cool . There was a guitarist who were playing Bollywood mashups. He was really adding beauty to the Café Melange.

Then, we came back to Hotel.

Day 5 : Manali – Rohtang Pass – Keylong – Manali

So the day came when we are going to experience snow and high altitude. It was most thrilling day of all of us. We started at 6.30 early in the morning to avoid traffic congestion.

Picture ~ Started from Manali for Rohtang La, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Manali to Rohtang top was around 51 kms. We reached around 11.00 at top. Meanwhile we had breakfast at Chamba

Picture ~ Saggu Valley Cafe, Chamba

and visited

Chamba Devi Temple on Leh Manali Highway :

Picture ~ Chamba Devi Mandir

The criss cross roads, snow by roadside and the mountains were really marvelous.

Picture ~ Breathtaking view at near Chamba, Leh – Manali Highway, Himachal Pradesh, India


Picture ~ On the way to Rohtang, Leh Manali Highway, Himachal Pradesh, India

Though the route was scenic but it was also dangerous. These roads are built by BRO (Border Roads Organisation). I salute to their efforts for managing each and everything on this challenging roads. The way they manage all the things like traffic, one way passing is really outstanding.

I visited Rohtang Top before you will get to know more information about it by clicking here


Picture ~ Reached on Rohtang Top, 13051 ft


Picture ~ Enchanting Rohtang Top, Leh Manali Highway, Himachal Pradesh, India

Okay, so till now we climbed the mountain and reached the Rohtang Top and now the journey was in downward direction. We missed the route to Spiti Valley and when we stopped to cross river then we met people from Delhi who were travelling for Spiti. They told us that the route is very dangerous. Too many rocks on the road so they told us not to go for Spiti.

So, we decided to go for Keylong which is 63 kms from Rohtang top cause the route was quite good.

We had Lunch at Hotel Aliyas Restaurant, Sissu. Food was delicious.

Then we started for Keylong and reached over there. Quite fabulous place with enchanting views.

Picture ~ Keylong, Leh – Manali Highway, Himachal Pradesh, India

After reaching keylong we started the returning journey at 18.00. Again the same route. Sissu, Rohtang Top and Manali. The fog and wind started in the evening. The route was very very thrilling. One of the most dangerous travel we experienced till date. We can’t forget 8th June 2018 in ever.

Picture ~ Rohtang to Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

We reached Manali on 21.00

Day 6 : Manali – Kullu – Manali :

Since, everyone of us were totally drained due to yeserday’s journey we woke up late and started for Kullu for River Rafting and Paragliding. Due to weather conditions it was not allowed to do Paragliding. Before that we had lunch nearby hotel it was Chole Bhature, Puri Bhaaji. Delicious food it was.

So we did Riverrafting.

Picture ~ River Rafting at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

9 kms route it was! It was thrilling one. Enjoyed a lot over there. Charges for single person are 700 INR. Again in the evening we went to Manali and stayed at Hotel Shuru Heights with great mountains view ; very before to Manali.

Picture ~ Hotel Shuru Heights, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Day 7 : Manali – Kullu – Parashar Lake, Mandi- Chandigarh :

We started in the morning for Parashar Lake. Had a delicious food near Naggar. We travelled for 103 kms to reach at this place. Parashar Lake is awesome place.

Prashar Lake | A secret place :

Picture ~ Prashar Lake, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India

Himachal Pradesh known as GOD’s place. As we Remind the name of Himachal, no wonder this places come in our mind viz. Shimla Kullu & Manali.

But in this GOD’s place their are many places which make them GOD’s place. Some we know some we don’t. Unknown place from one of these is “PRASHAR LAKE / PARASHAR LAKE”

PLACE – 49 kms from Mandi

ALTITUDE – 2730 above sea level

The height at which this place is located make it a heaven. The name of this place this derived from the name of ‘Parashar Rushi’.They done their lot of meditation in their entire life. They were grandson of ‘VARISHTHA RUSHI’ & Son of VYAS RUSHI respectively.

Parashar Rushi wrote the first purana over there.While returning from MAHABHARATA, Pandavas were looking for a good place & they found PARASHAR LAKE. Lord Kamurnaag decided to make there existence over there. According to them, among the Pandavas ‘BHEEM’ striked his elbow there & as a result there is a egg-shaped lake over it.

And the biggest secret of this place is floating island! Circular shaped island always changes it’s place. If you see the island inside lake it changes it’s its place after a week & month. Isnt it strange! How does the island floats over there is still a mystery for many scientists as well. It represents the science of earth.

Water in this lake occupies 71% of lake while the island occupies the remaining 29% . This island revolves as well as rotates to lake according to the season. Many people are still in search of this but still it is mystery! People say that if this island, comes closer to north direction many bad accidents happen at that time. But the strange thing is that the island is floating over water is still mystery for scientists.

More mysterious is the lake the starting point of the lake is still unknown. From where does the water comes from.

No weather change matters for the water level in this lake. It remains constant. Therefore the depth of this lake is also difficult to find. Few years ago German scientists tried to find the depth of lake with their gadgets but were unsuccessful. From that instant no one is interested to find the depth of lake as it remains the mist. After that government never tried to find the depth of the lake. The water is pollution free, medicine free. No tree is present over there only grass is present. The grass is also known for many medical facts. Near this lake king BAAN-SEN built a beautiful temple near to it. It is said that it is built by just one root of tree. Design of temple is pretty incredible and it seems like heaven over there.

One should visit this mythological place once in a lifetime!

We started for Chandigarh on 17.00 and reached Chandigarh on 2.00 Indeed it was a great journey.

We stayed at Oyo room in the night. Quite good service.

Day 8 : Chandigarh – Mumbai – Pune :

So the day came when we started returning journey.We had delicious breakfast at Hotel room as Parantha.

Then We reached airport by 13.00 and dropped of the car. We had budget friendly lunch at restaurant near parking zone for Just INR 60. We reached Mumbai on 18.30 and started for Pune by Cab. Reached pune on 23.00

It was a great trip ever with best friends. Enjoyed a lot .

Thanks for reading travellians 🙂






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