Reason behind why you should start Travel Blogging

Reason behind why you should start Travel Blogging

Many times we read inspirational quotes about travel;

“ T O   T R A V E L   I S   T O   L I V E ” – Hans Christian Anderson





So I seriously took a decision to write my travel experiences for helping my
passionate travel friends in the big world out there.

Today on Sunday, July 9, 2017 I am writing this first blog post.
I travelled almost 60 % India with my friends and family and very photo
enthusiastic so I feel nature drives me more towards myself to find out who I am.

INDIA is best place for travel cause I observed that many foreigners pack their
bags and take flight for India to travel the scenic places to explore Indian culture,
Indian History, Indian tradition.

I feel very privileged to born in this country that I can explore many things out there.

And then, my first international solo trip to BALI happened. You can click here on  ‘BALI‘ . It was something magical to Travel around the globe. The people you meet, the things you learn are absolutely teach you something new everytime. So pack your bags and start roaming.

I am going to post all my travel experiences with money saving tricks on my blog so that any passionate traveller can roam around India without any hesitation.

So friends, I hope that you will love to read my travel experiences and will
definitely make you travel to these places.

Happy Reading Travellers !


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