The insider’s guide to Nighoj Potholes

The insider’s guide to Nighoj Potholes

The world famous Ranjhankhalge in Nighoj is not only a tourist place but also a holy temple of Malganga where each devotee’s wish gets fulfilled.

Due to nature’s heart-rending beauty and world-renowned fame of potholes situated on the banks of river Kukdi, this place must be visited by tourists once in a lifetime.

The World Famous Nighoj Potholes

Where are Nighoj Potholes ?

Nighoj, a happy, prosperous village in Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district. Ahmednagar is on the edge of the Kukadi river (Pushpa) at the far end of the district. Similarly, 24 kms from Shirur (district Pune). 73 kms from Pune.

About Nighoj ?

Nighoj is a leading social, educational and religious place. The Jagrut Devasthana situated in the village of Gramadavaita is a large temple of Shri Malganga Devi.

Work of renovation of Malganga temple has been completed by the local people contribution. The building is 15 feet wide. The hall is 32 feet wide. The height of the temple is 85 feet high. The entire temple is constructed in a marble stone.

Nighoj was the village of Pantasachiva of Shivaji Maharaj.

After the death of Pantasachiva, Shivaji Maharaj gave his wife a reward of “Choli Bangri” to this village.

Picture ~ Malganga Devi Temple at Nighoj Village, Nighoj


Picture ~ Malganga Village Mandir from inside

There is a barav of 100 feet in front of the Goddess temple in Nighoj. From this time the Malganga Goddess gives a glimpse of the goddess Swaroop. The construction of this Barav (Well) has been done during the Peshwa period.

Picture ~ Nighoj Baarav Photo, Nighoj Village

Another tourist Place, Nighoj, which is stepping up on the threshold of development in Parner taluka, situated on the banks of the kukdi river is world-famous for the people living here. The Malganga Devi temple, which is located here, is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as a result of its naturally created volcanic rocks.

Picture ~ Nighoj Potholes

Malganga Devi Yatra, Nighoj

The special feature of the Nighoj is to visit Malganga Devi Yatra in ​​March. The goddess of the Goddess comes out of the barracks of millions of devotees during this festival. Her devotees worship God. has also been made an independent website of Malganga Devasthan. After seeing this area, the devotees & tourists do have enough satisfaction and happiness.

Picture ~ Nighoj Potholes Temple near Nighoj Village
Picture ~ Shri Kshetra Malganga Devsthan, Nighoj

Antique Story behind Nighoj Potholes and Malganga Devi :

Wherever the power of the cruel things increases on the earth. Demonic attitude increases. Everywhere there is killings.

At that time, God destroys evil by appearing in avatara and after finishing the monsters, establishes a religion and ends his incarnation. In the same judgment, Mother Malganga, who came to the earth, killed many monsters and went to Nighoj Village in Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district. In this, many demons like Madhu Kaithabh monster, Mahishasura monster, Durgasur monster, and Dhumraksh monsters began to torture all the gods. Hom havan stopped, cows, Brahmins were killed, and iniquity began to grow. At that time all the Gods went to Lord Shiva and requested him to destroy all the demons then Lord Shankar asked Parvati to take an incarnation to destroy the giant monsters on earth.

When Parvati was tired of destroying innumerable demons she wanted to settlle on a place.

The name of the goddess Malganga took place in the name of Goddess Ganga from the jata of Lord Shiva, and told her to kill Dhuraksh Monster.

The thing is Dhumraksh Monster born due to Lord Shankar’s Dhur and his mother was Urvashi. (The Nartaki – One of the finest dancer in Bhagwan Indra’s Darbara)

Dhumraksh got blessings from Lord Shiva that on man can Kill him, so he sent Parvati as Mata Malganga on Earth.

So, Mata Malganga came to earth with her seven sisters.
Each of them are situated at Dholavad, Chincholi, Karandi, Darewadi, Belapur, Umbraj and Nighoj.

All the seven sisters who fought with Dhumraksha Monster, and all the war supported to Goddess Malganga by lord Shankar, and hence the place where Dhumraksh monster killed by Malganga is known as “Dhumnya Hill” near Chincholi. Taking the spear and trident in the hands, Mata Malganga ran along with eleven million goddesses with sword on the head of the demon. There was a bitter war between God and demons. At that time, the Dhumraksh requested Mata Malganga that, “Do not kill me. You are the Adimaya and requested me to be saved”.  Then Mother gave him the form of Ganges in the category of Lord Shiva and died and showed it to the demon and saved him.

He put his hands on the feet of Goddess and forgave his life. After the end of the war, after going to Parner taluka, when the war was over to Mata Malganga, to go to the Ganges Rupa Jat in its eastern location, the Chincholi forest near Chincholi resided for some time. Seven sisters took rest. Nighoj Village, along with seven sisters, continued to live. Lord Shankar requested that we would all dwell at this place in the form of wildlife.

Similarly, the goddess felt like going to build a temple for rest. Similarly, according to a devotee’s dream of worshiping to build Malganga Mata’s temple, as my devotee is very poor.I have no money to build a temple for you. I told how to be a brother; When the Goddess saw the snake in her hand giving it to the devotee, the snake became gold and they built a temple.

Picture ~ Nighoj Temple and way to hanging bridge

As all the Gods also built their temples around the Goddess, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shankara, Veer Hanuman, Virbhadra, temples in the east and Ganpati in the temple premises near Baarav (The well). This great pilgrimage was made by the half-way Malanga of the Shankar, as well as in the service of the Shankar, and in the service of the Koli priest, he recognized and started daily Nandadeep.

Picture ~ Mata Malganga Statue, Malganga Mandir, Nighoj Potholes, Nighoj


Picture ~ Lord Ganesha Temple at Nighoj Potholes, Nighoj


Picture ~ Malganga Devi

Sati Malabai went ahead to the Kunda and produced seven Kunda (Tanks). An incredible structure that was built by a night out of the trunk, Mata Malganga created this enchanted structure at a distance of 3 km from the Nighoj village.


Malganga was 16 when she arrived in the village. She lived in Nighoj, after 340,000 Gods came to Nighoj with Naradmuni and she was requested to get married with Lord Shiva and accordingly put Divine Turmeric on her body. And the day was the Chaitra Purnima; Even if there was a turmeric, Goddess Malganga (Parvati) even though Shiva’s wife did not consent to marriage.

She told all the gods, I have embraced my life in order to kill the demons. My avatar is for the welfare of the world and though you put turmeric still I will not marry Shankara. And as I said will live in the same place as a virgin, Goddess became disappeared in the Baarav and she asked all Gods to tell her reality to Lord Shiva.

So Lord Shiva got upset and went to the hill of Shambhu on the eastern side of the Goddess Malganga temple and sat on the rooftops. Even today, there is a hill and a temple of Lord Shankar known as Shambhu’s Hill. Thousands of devotees visit on Monday to get blessings.Mother Malgange told his devotees that, I have gone to the secretariat at this Baarav and once a year, you will see it in the form of an Ghaagar (Vessel).

According to the Goddess, today even the priest of the Goddess (Koli) and other people perform rituals worshiping the Goddess with great joy.

Picture ~ Malganga Mata Mandir

Many devotees come to see this miracle. There is yet another miracle that we felt to tell you;

On this occasion, the vessel emitted gold, silver and copper. In today’s Kaliyug, it comes out of soil, because there is nothing other than person’s attitude. In earlier times devotees used to get utensils as per list after giving a letter, and devotees used to leave the pots again in the Baarav, but due to bad tendency of people, Malganga stopped making utensils from Baarav.

Picture ~ Old Lady sitting in Malganga Mata Mandir, Nighoj

In reality, Mata Malganga comes in Ghagar roopa is presenting on Chaitra Ashtami. Such a Mother Malganga blessess her innumerable devotees, and as a symbol of her, people can come to Baarav for pilgrimage every year with a large devotion.











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