The Complete Guide to Shikharji Yatra

The Complete Guide to Shikharji Yatra

Interested in Visiting ancient places in India then this article is surely for you. The Architecture, History behind this place will surely tell you how Incredible Indians are !

9 Days Shikharji Tour including Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Rajgruhi, Veeraytan, Nalanda University, Kundalpur, Pavapuri, Rujibalika.

The tour was organised by Mr. Pramod Ji Chordiya from Parola

(Dist. Jalgaon), Maharashtra,India.

I will suggest every person to go these places with Chordiya Ji.

It costs around 10000 INR for person which includes Train Travel, Bus Travel (To & Fro), Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks in the evening, with stay and tickets to every place are from them. We never felt that we are travelling in another state cause he takes his cook, workers with him at all places. We saluted his work. I was amazed to experience such a great service to my family & other people who were with us.

Contact Details :

Mr. Chordiya Ji : +91-94231-58590, +91-94229-80150,


I was in third year of Software Engineering in Pune when my parents planned this most holy trip in November 2013.

My father decided to sponsor for Shetiya Family (around 70 family members) for Trip. I am very lucky to have such parents.

Indeed, there was a problem of booking cause my First sem viva was there on 17th November 2013. So, finally I booked return flight tickets for the same.


Day 1 : Mumbai – Allahabad via Kamayani Express.

We had train from Mumbai on 12.40 hence We started for Mumbai at 6.00. It was a very great feeling to travel for your most favourite city.

I love Mumbai. The reason behind this is the city never sleeps. Marine Drive, Restaurants and Rain makes me feel awesome especially when you are with your friends.

The distance between Mumbai to Allahabad is 1500 kms which takes almost a day (24 hrs) via train.

I was sitting with my cousins and enjoying the trip. I was amazed to see how great the landscape of earth was changing.

In the afternoon, my Mama (Maternal uncle) who is my guide boarded from Manmad Junction.

Chordiya Ji served us Ladoos and snacks while my family members also took food with us. It was very nice travel experience for me.

While giving snacks to my Mama one beggar asked that snack to him. He had given him and told us in Marathi that :

“आपलं आपणच खावे याला “प्रकृती” म्हणतात.

आपल्याकडे असुन दुस ऱ्याला न देणे याला “विकृती” म्हणतात

आणि, आपल्याकडचे दुस ऱ्याला देणे याला “संस्कृती” म्हणतात.”


“If you eat anything and you are eating the same is known as “Nature” or Human tendency.

You have extra but you are not giving anything to anyone that’s called “Bad Nature”.

And, If you give yours share to other that’s called “Indian Tradition”, and that’s what is important.”


Day 2 : Allahabad – Varanasi Stay.

In the morning, we had breakfast in the train itself and talk with my cousins. Finally, we reached on 15.30 at Allahabad after lunch.

We started for Allahabad by 2 x 2 Luxury bus to Varanasi which is about 132 kms.

We reached Banaras or Kashi or Varanasi in 3 hours and stayed at Dharmashala (Place where rooms are available at cheap price).

We had darshana at temple near Dharmashala only.


1. Varanasi – The City of Temples : (Day 3)

Varanasi | Click on images to see details about these places 🙂


2. Find Yourself  in Bodhgaya : (Day 3)

Picture ~ The New Buddha Statue, Bodhgaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

3. Vishwa Shanti Stupa Rajgir & Veeraytan Jain Museum : (Day 4)

  Picture ~ Vishwa Shanti Stupa Rajgir, India

4. Nalanda University – Worlds First Gurukul : (Day 4)

Picture ~ Nalanda Mahavihara, Nalanda, Bihar, India


5. Kundalpur & Pavapuri Jain Temple : (Day 5) :

Picture ~ Pawapuri Jalmandir, Bihar, India

6. Rujubalika – A Place where Lord Mahavira attained Salvation : (Day 5)

Picture ~ Lord Mahaveera on the banks of Rujubalika River, Rujubalika, India


7. Sammed Shikharji – King of Jain Teerthas : (Day 6 & 7) :

Picture ~ Parasnath Hills, Shikharji Yatra, Madhuban, Jharkhand, India

After completion of shikharji trek we massaged our legs cause it was a quite heavy exertion.


Day 8 : Parasnath Railway Station (Shikharji) to Manmad Junction(Maharashtra):

Then, in the night we had train from Parasnath Railway Station to Manmad Junction, Maharashtra.

Train Details are :

Train Number : 12321

Train Name : Howrah Mumbai Mail

Departure : 2.59

Arrival : 5.32

Travel Time : 26.33 hrs

Finally, we reached home on 9th Day. It was such a religious trip. Everyone thank my parents for organizing such a nice trip.

Thank you for Reading..

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