If you Read one article about Sammed Shikharji Read this One

If you Read one article about Sammed Shikharji Read this One

Shikharji is also called as “Teerthraj” (King of Teerthas). Shikharji is salvation (Kevalgyana) place of 20 Teerthankara’s among 24 Teerthankars (Jain God). Shikharji Darshan is once in a lifetime moment for a Jain person.

Sammed Shikharji : The Journey

Picture ~ Parasnath Hills, Shikharji, Jharkhand, India

As the day before, we reached in the evening at Shikharji. Everyone instructed to sleep as early as possible cause you have to walk around 27 kms in day time.

Chordiyaji (Tour Organiser) told us many important things like; have full dinner as well as take Bhomiyaji Darshan at base of Shikharji i.e. Madhuban Village. You have to offer coconut as a prasada to Bhumiyaji and pray them for good travel without any physical problem.

You can also do some shopping here. Market is good.

We woke up at 3.00 and at 3.30 we started climbing. It was 9 kms to trek. Almost 80% roads are good but some of them are okay.

If you are not physically fit to do this journey or grandparents are there; you can go with Doliwaalas.

Keep in mind to fix the rates while you start. After that they ask for extra money so always be clear about everything.

Picture ~ Doliwaalas on the way, Shikharji, Jharkhand, India

One more important thing; you can carry sticks for support incase you need support.

Around 6.30 we were able to see the beauty of Nature. This is the road of Forest so always be careful while travelling via this road.

Picture ~ Beauty of Nature, Shikharji, Jharkhand, India

We had breakfast as lemon water, rice and potato wafers to keep us on high energy. This refreshment was much needed for us. After travelling 9 kms we reached on Top around at 12.00

Picture ~ On the top of Parasnath Hills, Shikharji, Jharkhand, India

It was really awesome feeling to reach on top.

Some of us decided to do full parikrama (round) of 9 km and having blessings from each tuk

(Total there are 20 teerthankars and hence 20 tuks).

Picture ~ Route in the afternoon, Shikharji, Jharkhand, India

It was very scenic route and then we had Darshana at Shri Dhawalnath Tuk ;

Picture ~ Shri Dhawalnath Swani Tuk, Shikharji, Jharkhand, India

Then we went to Chandraprabhu Swami Tuk. We had darshana and the view from the highest tuk was outstanding.

Picture ~ View from highest Chandraprabhu Tuk, Shikharji, Jharkhand, India

These are the list of Temples on Parasnath Hills, Shikharji :

  • Ganadhara

  • Kunthunatha

  • Rishabhanatha

  • Chandranatha

  • Neminatha

  • Aranatha

  • Māllīnātha

  • Shreyanasanatha

  • Pushpadanta

  • Padmaprabha

  • Suvichran

  • Chandraprabha

  • Adinath

  • Anantanatha

  • Shitalanatha

  • Sambhavanatha

  • Vasupujya

  • Abhinandananatha

  • Ganadhara

  • Jal Mandir

  • Dharmanatha

  • Vardhaman

  • Varishen

  • Sumatinatha

  • Shantinatha

  • Mahavira

  • Suparshvanatha

  • Vimalanatha

  • Ajitanatha

  • Neminatha

  • Parshvanatha

There is temple on top where Jal Mandir is there. Rituals are you have to bring new clothes with you and take bath here where arrangements are good and then have blessings at Jal Mandir. Parshwanath Bhagwan’s 10ft in height statue is there.

Picture ~ Jal Mandir, Shikharji, Jharkhand, India

After this peaceful Darshan and Prasada (Lunch), we started for returning journey for Madhuban Village (Shikharji Base). We started it on 16.00 and in four hours we reached at Base. Meanwhile we had lemon juice and refreshments.

After this successful Darshan we thanked Bhomiyaji Mata (Temple) and took Prasada from there and returned to Dharmashala. Had dinner and slept at 21.00.

You must do massage when you return. It will give you relief and you can sleep nicely.

Next day in the morning my parents organised small program as a Ending ceremony of trip.

Picture ~ My mom : Mrs Jyosthna Shetiya is delivering speech on the occasion of ending ceremony, Madhuban, Jharkhand, India

Then; some family rituals took place and it was done very nicely 🙂

Picture ~ Temple at Dharmashala where we have stayed, Madhuban, Jharkhand, India

Then, in the night we had train from Parasnath Railway Station to Manmad Junction, Maharashtra.

Train Details are :

Train Number : 12321

Train Name : Howrah Mumbai Mail

Departure : 2.59

Arrival : 5.32

Travel Time : 26.33 hrs

Finally, we reached home. It was such a religious trip. Everyone thank my parents for organizing such a nice trip.

Thank you for Reading 🙂

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