How Roadtrip to Gujarat will bring you back in Life ?

How Roadtrip to Gujarat will bring you back in Life ?

Planning for a Road Trip to Gujarat ? If you are willing to stay relax along with family and want to keep your mind calm then this post is just for you.

Roadtrip to Gujarat in 48 Hours 

This post in short :

Day 1 :

Ahmedabad – Poicha – Resort Stay

Starting from Ahmedabad in afternoon for Poicha (On the banks of Narmada River) we reached at Reva77Resort in the evening; Perfect place for pleasant stay.

Day 2 :

Kuber Temple Darshan in the morning,

Swaminarayan Temple Darshan in the afternoon and then delicious Lunch at Maharaja Garden – Shirdi

Let’s see these details in brief :

Day 1 : Ahmedabad – Poicha – Resort Stay

I went to this Road Trip with my family. Starting from Ahmedabad in the afternoon it took just 3.30 hrs to cover 170 kms. Cause Ahmedabad – Mumbai Highway is a Dreamy Way.

Reva 77 Resort :

Private Retreat in the Luxury of Nature

We reached Reva77Resort by evening. It was such a lively place. The garden, Narmada River, Rooms, Restaurant everything was just perfect.

Picture ~ Pleasant Ambience at Reva 77 Resort, Poicha, Gujarat, India

We enjoyed every moment spent here with games & bonfire in the night.

Picture ~ Reva77Resort Restaurant, Poicha, Nanod, Narmada, Gujarat, India

Food is delicious. You can order snacks here.

Day 2 : Kuber Temple – Swaminarayan Temple – Lunch at Maharaja Garden – Shirdi

Kuber Shiva Bhandari Temple :

Kuber Bhandari Shiva Temple is situated at Karnali Village near Vadodara District in Gujarat. This temple consist of two gods;

(a) Lord Shiva

(b) Lord Kuber (Money God)

Picture ~ Kuber Shiva Bhandari Temple, Karnali, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

This place is most visited on Somvati Amavasya every year.

Located at more than 800 feet height from the coast of Narmada river and you have to climb around 700 steps to reach Kuber Bhandari temple. The largest number of devotees gather on Somvati Amavasya and on every new moon night when big celebrations are held at the temple.

It is a well-known temple and people also come here to perform many religious rites and rituals. Kuber was brother of well-known Ravan. Here lord Shiva is worshiped in fame of Kuber bhandari.

Picture ~ Narmada River, Kuber Bhandari Shiva Temple, Karnali, Gujarat, India

Glorious History of Kuber Shiva Bhandari Temple :

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati route through the wildernesses encompassing the range seeing the nonattendance of any sustenance and water in the region. He settled on fitting choice to dependably be there as nourishment and water. From that time he has been idolized here in this temple as the Lord of endless nourishment, water, riches. The Kuber Bhandari Mandir is famous blessed place at the shore of waterway Narmada and this sanctuary is extremely antiquated and is said to be around 2500 years of age. It is a well known mandir and individuals additionally come here to perform numerous religious rituals. Now we are going to visit Swaminarayan Neelkanthdham Poicha Temple.

From Reva 77 Resort it is near by Boat. It gave tons of happiness. We played a lot with water 🙂

Day 2 : Neelkanthdham Swaminarayan Temple, Poicha 

After parking the car in Grand Parking area ; as soon as we entered in temple premises ; the positive vibes made my mind calm. The maintenance, cleanliness everything was perfect. The silent background music was making this place much better.

Picture ~ Neelkanthdham Swaminarayana Temple, Poicha, Gujarat, India

It was my mother’s birthday so we planned to visit this beautiful temple on this special day. We celebrated birthday here.

Picture ~ Neelkanthdham Swaminarayana Temple, Poicha, Gujarat, India

In the evening Swaminarayana Arti was there and it was done by BAPS Swaminarayan Community, Surat.

Lunch at Maharaja Garden Restaurant :

And then we went for lunch at Maharaja Garden Restaurant who offers utterly-butterly delicious food. I will suggest you to order Lassi and Punjabi Sabji’s.

Google Maps Link :

Then, we started for Shirdi it was about 370 kms it took us 8.30 hrs via NH753B.

In this way, this was one of the best roadtrip with my family. I would suggest you to go for this trip once in a lifetime.

Thank you for reading amigos!

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