Perfect guide for Trip to Gujarat on New Year

Perfect guide for Trip to Gujarat on New Year

Gujarat is very nice place to hang-out, shopping and explore the unseen.
This Short Trip to Gujarat State will tell you what you should do when you are running short of time.

Celebrate your new year’s evening at Ahmedabad City


Day 1 : 29th December 2013 : 

My family planned a trip to Ambaji (Godess Amba)as it is our Kuldevi & Shakeshwar Parshawanath (Jain God). According to me, Gujarat is very nice place to hang-out, Road Trip, Shopping and explore the unseen.

As I titled, it was a religious, rock-n-roll trip to Gujarat cause we had been to four Jain Temples and then we went to Sundown Party at J.W.Marriott, Ahmedabad.

So, we started at 11.00 AM from Pune Airport and landed on 00.15.

After collecting luggage we headed for Mahudi which is famous for

Ghantakarna Mahaveer Jain Temple :

Gujrat having one of the best road networks; Mahudi is 75 kms via Gandhinagar.

Picture ~ Ghantakarna Mahaveer Temple (On Left Hand Side)

Brief information about Ghantakarna Mahavir :

This derasar/Sanctuary, thought to be a standout amongst the most sacred Jain Temples established in Mahudi, Mehsana Region, and spreads over a region of 2 square kilometers. In old circumstances, the place was known as Madhumati. The symbols and imaginative stays recuperated starting from the earliest stage that the historical backdrop of this place is about 2000 years of age, in light of the engravings in Brahmi content. Acharyadev Buddhi Sagarsurisvarji was roused in a fantasy to introduce the symbol of Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev in 1923 A.D. This symbol is considered to have extraordinary forces. A huge number of Jain aficionados, and in addition fans from different foundations, come to get endowments from this icon.

Ghantakarna Mahavir was a Kshatriya (warrior) lord named Tungabhadra in his past birth and thought to be the defender of the less lucky. So even today his golden calf conveys his weapons a bow and bolt. It is dependably said that in his past birth he was exceptionally attached to sukhadi, thus there is a convention of all guests offering sukhadi to him amid the petition. In any case, it is trusted that the sukhadi (prasada) ought to be devoured or given before leaving the premises, else it may bring misfortune.

Beside this place of worship is a chime on a tallness of around 30 feet and fans move up to ring it and request the satisfaction of a desire. In this region there is another bigger sanctuary with a 22-inch marble symbol of Bhagawan Padmaprabhu sitting in padmasana (lotus) pose, introduced by Acharyadev. It is standard to take a bhoomti (circumambulation) around the 24 holy places of the tirthankaras here. The closest railroad station of Vijapur is 10 kms away. There are great transport offices to get to Mahudi from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Kalol.

There is a shrine bell on a height of about 30 feet and devotees climb upto ring it and ask for the fulfillment of a wish.

Picture ~ Shrine bell at Ghantakarna Mahaveer, Mahudi, Gujrat, India

Then, we started for Shakheshwar Parshwanath Jain Temple which is approximately 67 kms via GJSH 19 & GJSH 221.

We reached over there at 20.30 and had Darshan in Rush.

And booked room at Dharmashala near mandir to stay.


Day 2 : 30th December 2013 :

Shankeshwar Parshwanath :

Shankheshwar Parshwanath is extremely notable Jain pilgrimage in Patan Area and closest railroad station is Hariz (8 kms)

The old place around then was known as “Shankpur”

The story is that Ashadhi Shrvak wound up noticeably discouraged, and started to make inquiries about nirvana, freedom, and salvation. Noting every one of these inquiries, Damodar Swami, the ninth Tirthankar, said “Parshvanath will be the twenty-third Tirthankar in the Avasarpinikala (the plummeting half of the wheel of time). You will be his Ganadhar (prime supporter) named Aryaghosha and accomplish salvation there.” Shrvak at that point turned out to be completely invested in imploring Bhagawan Parshvanath and revering his golden calf, which went ahead to be venerated in the realms of divine beings, evil presences, and on earth.

Picture ~ Shankheshwar Jain Teerth, Patan, Gujarat, India

Shopping Tricks :

Eatery items like Masalas, Saunf, Dhanadal, Mukhwas, Papad Masala, Scented Pan etc. are best and cheap for shopping.

Socks are at very cheap price. You can buy it for just INR 30 a pair.

Then we went to Dharmashala where we stayed. Had nice breakfast over there only. There is a same temple like Shakeshwar Parshwanath but this one is very huge.

Picture ~ Shubham (My Younger Brother) & Hitesh (Me) at Dharmashala’s Temple.

Navkar Mantra is holy chanting Jain People do. It is very sacred and at utmost importance in Jainism.

Soon, I found Navkar Mantra in world’s different language in Mandir.

Picture ~ Navkar Mantra in various languages in Shankeshwar Temple, Gujarat, India

Then we went to Shanku’s Water World Resort on 16.00 which is approx. 80 kms from Shankheshwar.

Picture ~ Shanku’s Water World Resort, Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, Gujarat,India

The place is very scenic and best destination to spend your time with Loved ones. One can enjoy water rides and stay in marvelous rooms as a weekend gateaway.

Picture ~ Restaurant at Shanku’s Water World Resort

Then after this perfect stop we started for Ambaji (Goddess Amba Mata). Religious place to take Darshan where crores of Devotees make a wish and get desired results.

Ambaji is 180 kms from Shanku’s Water World Resort.

We reached at Ambaji on 20.00 and took darshan from outside. This is how Temple looks like ;

Picture ~ Ambaji Temple at Night |  Source :

and went to Savita Govind Sadan, for Stay. Best place for stay in Ambaji with great food and pleasant ambience.

Picture ~ Savita Govind Sadan, Abu Road, Ambaji, Gujarat, India

We slept and planned to start for Gabbar early in the morning.

Day 3 : 31st December 2013 :

Gabbar Darshan – Ambaji Darshan – Pavapuri Jain Teerth – Ahmedabad Stay

Gabbar / Gabbargadh :

Gabbar is a small hillock on the west side of Ambaji Village. Very famous hill station is on the same way from Gabbar. Gabbar is seat of Goddess and the site of Krishna’s tonsorial ceremony (ritual-head shaving) and the residence of divine Mahishasur-mardini.

Picture ~ Divine Jyot under Ambamata Temple, Gabbar, Ambaji, Gujarat

There are Amba Mata’s footprint under peepal tree, which are worshipped, also Jyot (Light) is there which is protected in a lamp and you can see the lamp from Ambaji Mandir in the night.

The track to Mandir is very hard to climb hence Tourism of Gujarat built rope-way to Temple.

Picture ~ Gabbar, Ambaji, Gujarat, India


Picture ~ Ropeway at Gabbar, Ambaji, Gujarat, India

When we reached at bottom; we had snacks at restaurant and Model of Char-Dham Yatra.

Picture ~ Char-Dham Yatra Model at the bottom of Gabbar, Ambaji, Gujarat, India

Char-Dham : Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath, Kedarnath

Then, we started for Ambaji Darshan:

Ambaji is holy place where millions of devotees come for Darshan.

Picture ~ Ambamata Temple, Ambaji, Arasur, Banaskantha District, Gujarat, India

Then, we had breakfast Jalebi, Fafda well known famous Gujju Food.

After this heavy breakfast we started for Pavapuri Jain Teerth which is repica of Pavapuri Teerth. Originally it is built at Pavapuri, Nalanda District.

Pavapuri Jain Teerth :

This place is replica of Pavapuri Jal Mandir. (Click to know more)

What is Pavapuri Jal Mandir ?

Pavapuri is a holy place in Nalanda District,Bihar where 24th Teerthankar of Jains Bhagwan Mahaveer attained Nirvana or Moksha (Liberation). Jains celebrate Diwali to commemorate this event.

Picture ~ Pavapuri Jain Teerth at Idar on Rani Lake, Gujarat India.

This place is very calm and you can get lunch in Dharmashala here. Then we started for New Year’s Party at Courtyard by Marriott at Satellite Road, Ahemadabad.

After travelling 125 kms we reached at Ahemadabad on 18.00

It was a great feeling to check-in at Marriott cause this was my first time to stay in such a luxurious hotel.


Picture ~ At Courtyard by Marriott, Satellite Road, Ahemadabad, India

It was a very nice party consisting of all the fame & fun together. Bollywood’s favourite singer Sonu Nigam was there.

After this great party everyone of us celebrated new year. And went to Room.


Day 4 : 1st January 2014

So, the new year started.We clicked some photos at Hotel.

Picture ~ Courtyard by Marriott, Ahemadabad

We went to shopping in nearby area. Everyone brought things like clothes, purse on satellite road.

Had flight at 21.00 and landed on 23.00 at Pune Airport.

Travellers Thanks for reading  🙂



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