Going Narsoba Wadi Kolhapur : The Right Way updated 2018

Going Narsoba Wadi Kolhapur : The Right Way updated 2018

One of the most beautiful place near Sangli is Narsoba Wadi which is famous for Jagrut Devsthana of Datta Maharaj also known as Narsobachi Wadi. Narsobachi Wadi is a divine place where two rivers meet (aka “Sangam”) which are River Krishna & River Panchganga.

Narsobachi Wadi, Shri Kshetra Nrusinha Wadi, Shirol, Kolhapur, Maharashtra India

History about Narsoba Wadi :

Lord Dattatreya in his Narsinha Sarasvati Avtara is believed to have lived here for 12 years. There are two padukas (chappals) of Lord Datta.
Long ago there was a forest; and Swami Narsinha Saraswati was here in Tapasya. The temple is around 500 to 600 years old and lot of rituals are performed everyday.

Schedule :

Day 1 : 23rd December 2017 :

• Started from Parner (Ahmednagar – Maharashtra)

• Had lunch at “New Ganesh Thakur Dhaba” near Umbraj

•Reached at 19:00 to Narsoba Wadi Mandir and took Darshana

• Booked Room at Sumitra Mangal Karyalaya

• Had snacks near Mahalaxmi Nashta Centre near Mandir

• Delicious Dinner at Sumitra Mangal Karyalaya

Day 2 : 24th December 2017 :

• Woke up at 6:00

• Had Upma at Mangal Karyalaya as a breakfast

• Went to Sangam Ghat for Pooja (Dress Code : New White clothes for Mom & Dad)

• Took bath at Holy Sangam

• Had Lunch at Sumitra Mangal Karyala

• Started for Pune at 16:00

• Dinner at Kailash Dhaba near Khed Shivapur

• Reached home at 00:30

How to reach Narsobachi Wadi ?

Distance from – Pune – 258 km, Mumbai – 404 km, Sangli – 22 km. Nearest Railway Station is Jaysingpur 22 kms. You can easily reach there by MSRTC Buses.
Narsoba Wadi is around 320 kms from Parner. I believe that ;

“Sometimes the journey is much more beautiful than destination.”

We reached around 16:00 at New Ganesh Thakur Dhaba near Umbraj. Best place for Vegetarians. It is famous for its Kaju Kari and it was our favourite too so we ordered the same.

Good service and tasty food, even budget friendly too.
This is the interior of Hotel.
In case if you need more information ; Contact details of owner.

1. Karan Singh : 9766209029 

2. Uttam Singh : 9028526293

Picture ~ New Ganesh Thakur Dhaba, Umbraj, Karad, Satara, Maharashtra, India

And within 3 hours we reached Narsoba Wadi. The route was quite good. And I want to add that the Kolhapuri language I heard from people was really expressive. Many of my friends are from that side so I enjoyed their company.
Narsoba Wadi is quiet and pleasant place. Many Hotels, Rooms, Restaurant are available there.
We had Special Tea & Coffee near Mandir at Mahalaxmi Tea & Breakfast Centre. We had Darshana at 19:30 when Aarti was going on. What a peaceful Darshan it was!

Where to Stay ? Eat ? Perform Rituals at Narsobachi wadi ?

Narayan Nagbali, Tripindi Shradha, Navgraha Shanti, Kalsarpa yoga Shanti, Datta Yag.  Then we went to our Bramhin Guru who was going to perform Pooja for next day

Mr. Santosh Khombare (Mob : +91-98226-54023)

who does all types of Pooja and Vidhi at Sangam Ghat and even accommodates room for travellers in his own Sumitra Mangal Karyalaya with Dinner and Next Day Break fast, after Pooja Lunch at Mangal Karyalaya only at low cost.

Such a nice person and the first Bramhin Guru I met who told me why are we doing this pooja and meaning of it. After having a delicious dinner we went to bed. Room was good.


Day 2 : 24th December 2017 :

It was 6:00 in the morning, we woke up and got ready. It is wonderful thing to wake up early and feel positive vibes in the atmosphere. We had Tea/Milk and Upma as a breakfast at 7:00.
Around 9:00 we clicked some pictures and started Pooja at Sangam Ghat. I brought new white Saree for Mom & White Lungi and Pancha for Dad for Pooja as ordered by Santosh ji.
Around 10:00 the Pooja started at Giant Hall on the banks of Sangam Ghat. Many families come here for Pooja.

Picture ~ Tripindi Pooja at Hall, Sangam Ghat, Narsoba Wadi
Picture ~ Tripindi Pooja at Hall, Sangam Ghat, Narsoba Wadi

After completion of Pooja we had bath (Snana) at Holy River Panchganga & Krishna.
Then we went to Sumitra Mangal Karyala for Lunch.

It was delicious lunch over there. With grateful heart we took permission from Santosh Ji & his mother to leave.
We had Darshana at Narsoba Wadi Mandir.

Shri Datta Temple, Narsobachi Wadi
Shri Datta Temple, Narsobachi Wadi


Holy Sangam of River Panchganga & River Krishna at Narsoba Wadi, Maharashtra, India
Holy Sangam of River Panchganga & River Krishna at Narsoba Wadi, Maharashtra, India


Then we started for Pune on 16:00.
We had dinner at Kailash Dhaba on 20:30 (Village Type food).It was best home made food I ever had . 200 pp costs but worth it. Menu was Pithla, Jawari Bhakari, Matki, Kadhi, Daal, Pulav, Papad etc.
And then we started for Parner and reached home at 00:30

In this way this was a much silent, religious trip in one day with family.


Thank you for reading !


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