Top Facts about Kundalpur & Pavapuri Temple everyone should know

Top Facts about Kundalpur & Pavapuri Temple everyone should know

Kundalpur is Mahaveer Swami’s birthplace who is 24th Teerthankar of Jainism. This place belongs historical pilgrimage for Jain People & Pawapuri is the Nirvan bhumi of Lord Mahaveer.

Kundalpur is Garbha, Janma & Tapa Kalyanak.

Everything about Kundalpuri & Pawapuri Jain Temple

Picture ~ Kundalpur Jain Temple, Kundalpur, Nalanda, Bihar, India

The temple having statue of Lord Mahaveera. Very attractive temple including accommodation (Dharmashala) facility as well as Bhojanshala (Lunch/Dinner) facility.

Shwetambar Jain Temple :

Then we had breakfast at Bhojanshala and went to Pavapuri which is 21kms via NH 20.

Picture ~ On the way to Pavapuri Jal Mandir, Bihar, India

Pavapuri Jal Mandir, Bihar :

Jal Mandir is known as Water Temple also known as “Apapuri” in the Indian state of Bihar.

Picture ~ Pavapuri Jal Mandir Entrance, Pavapuri, Bihar, India

Pavapuri means a town without sins, means; “Pawan” or Sacred place.

It is highly revered temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira.

Historical Importance of Pavapuri Jain Temple, Bihar :

Picture ~ Historical importance of Pavapuri, Bihar, India

It is one of the five temples in Pavapuri where “Charan Paduka” / foot impression of Mahavira is deified.

Picture ~ Cousins at Jal Mandir Pawapuri, Bihar, India

Bhagwan Mahaveer Swami given his last speech at Samavsaran Temple in Pawapuri when he attained Kevalgyana (Knowledge of Past, Present & Future).

Picture ~ Samavsaran Temple, Pavapuri, Bihar, India

I firmly believe that; if you want to achieve greatness in life you should follow Religion / Dharma as a base of any work you are going to do in life.
I believe that it will give you confidence, stability & pure state of mind.

Brief about Samavsaran Temple :

At this place bhagwan Mahaveer delivered his last speech and today it is known as “Uttaradhyayan Sutra”

Picture ~ Samavsaran Temple, Pavapuri, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Bhagwan Mahaveera was a prince of Magadh state(now Bihar) and at the age of 20. He left everything and went to attain “Salavtion/Nirvana

During the religious observance, called the “Chaturmas”

Observed by Jains for four months during rainy season starting from the beginning of Hindu month “Ashadha” 22nd June – 22nd July.

And, Mahavira’s last stay was at Pawapuri.

On the Dipawali night on the 15th day of the month Kartik he breathed his last when he was 72 years old.


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