Adventurous Trip to Kullu

Adventurous Trip to Kullu

Kingdom Kullu is one of the finest place in India to be adventurous, to make new friends, treks, River rafting and best place to stay. The mountains, river and the valley is natures magic here. 

In this blog post we would be covering :

Travel from Pune – Delhi- Chandigarh

Camping at Kullu Base Camp for YHAI

Adventurous activities at Kullu

Travel from Kullu to Manali

Adventurous Kingdom Kullu

Travel from Pune – Delhi – Chandigarh 

Travelling to Himachal will be adventurous for you. You can enjoy the weather, meet new people. I believe that; new places can make a lot of changes in ourselves.

I reached on Pune airport on 10.00 PM and my flight was on 11.00 PM. After
doing check-in I met lawyer from Chandigarh in plane. He told me useful
information about chandigarh City and key points for travelling to Kullu and Manali which I will share with you here.

Picture ~ Delhi Airport

I reached Chandigarh airport on 8.30 AM. My friends met me at arrival gate.

When I went to luggage collection I found that my luggage not came in the flight. So I complained about the same and headed to Kullu without luggage. After calling Jet Airways they found my luggage and told me to deliver it next day at my YHAI (Youth Hostel Association India) Kullu base camp.

TravelTipForFlight – Always preserve your luggage tags for hassle free travel.

Route from Chandigarh to Kullu is scenic. You will love the view. Meanwhile we took halt for Lunch at Hotel Heritage Haveli. I suggest you to order Lassi, Kulcha & Cheese Butter Naan. Simply delicious food.

Picture ~ Hotel Heritage Haveli, NH 21, Rupnagar, India


Kullu YHAI Base Camp 

Camp leader woke me up on 5.30 AM. Everyone was tired but as soon as we went out the serene view was outstanding. The mountains, the jogging track around the river made me feel like that we are working in Bollywood movie 😀

After heavy lunch we headed to Kullu for base camp. We reached around 6.00 PM at destination and new experiences started. After having dinner & check-in we enjoyed bonfire and met new people. Some were like us and some were highly professionals in their respective fields. Camp leader instructed us the next day schedule and we went to our tent.

Group exercise done intensely and camp leader sent to us for breakfast. Hot delicious breakfast in cold weather was cherry on the top.

We have been instructed to collect sleeping bags for trek and headed for small trek.

Picture ~ In the middle of trek…Enjoyed a lot at trek  and at Beautiful Waterfall.


Picture ~ Beautiful waterfall near Kullu Base Camp, Himachal Pradesh, India

We have been instructed to take one hour rest and told to be present at for main trek instructions session.

Camp leader told us all the necessary things to bag packing like Quechua shoes and jacket for trek. Almost everyone went to Kullu city for shopping. After returning to base camp there was a musical night with born-fire. We participated for the lazy dance and had too much fun.

Adventure in Kullu 

We started for rappelling and parasailing.

Picture ~ Rappelling

I firmly believe that these adventures give courage and confidence to individual to face any problem in life. And I do something everyday that scares you.

Picture ~ Parasailing

Finally, started for main trek ;

As we started climbing the mountain the cold was increasing. But due to all necessary precaution we didn’t had any problem. Till 6 pm we completed 60% trek and built camp for all trekkers.

After dinner we had bornfire but this time the temperature started decreasing drastically. Some of us used oxygen masks and Kapur (in Hindi) for better breathing.

In my life that was the best night I have ever experienced. None of us in our group of four slept. We spent that night talking on college days and cherished all the memories.

We started early in the morning for reaching on top. Around 10.00 AM we reached. And Yayyyy! I felt that we reached on Mount Everest. The view from the top was epic. We returned to base camp on 5.00 Pm

Travel from Kullu to Manali 

We started from  Kullu in the afternoon and left the camp with lots of memories and started for Manali via public transport bus.

Picture : In search of Public Transport Bus for Manali

Booked hotel in Manali and went to Beas River for sightseeing and photoshoot 🙂

Picture ~ On the banks of Beas River, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Beas River – 

The Beas River is a river in north India. The river rises in the Himalayas in central Himachal Pradesh, India, and flows about 470 kilometres to the Sutlej River in the Punjab (India).


Be with Nature and it will never disappoint you…

My friends suddenly planned to go for Ladakh and we started from Manali at 8.00 PM.

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