Going to Khardung La Ladakh in a right way

Going to Khardung La Ladakh in a right way

Travelling on worlds highest motorable road was dream come true for me. Khardung La Ladakh holds is one of the most visited place in Ladakh.

In this article you will get information about Travel to Khardung La Pass from Leh City

Khardung La Ladakh on Bullet Ride

So, the day came when we started for Khardung La Top. It is known as world’s highest motorable road.

We woke-up at 5.30 AM in the Morning and started for Khardung La on 6.30 AM.

After passing Leh City we enroute for Khardung La Pass. It is approx 46kms from Leh City.

Border Roads Organisation (B.R.O.) maintain & make roads in Himalayan areas. Khardung La road was one of the best one among these.

Picture ~ World’s Highest Motorable road started


Picture ~ Khardung La Starts from here..

To travel on world’s highest motorable road was a dream come true for me. All of us were experiencing the thrill while driving Royal Enfield on this Road.

Picture ~ Amazing view came after travelling 27 kms

The Sunlight shined doubled due to glacier’s reflection. There were many people who met us on the roads. Everyone was like “Julley”.

Picture ~ Check post for Khardung La

After crossing check post we met to this beautiful view.

Picture : I am running short of words to express this beauty.


Picture : Even this view can’t be explained. You can only experience by coming here.


Picture : Cheers to us! Reached on the top J. Vivek & Hitesh (me).

After clicking some great pictures we finally reached Khardung La which is 18380 ft from sea level.

Take care of yourself while travelling to Khardung La –

There was lack of oxygen on the top. And everyone suggested us to bring camphor(kapur in Hindi) to breathe comfortable. Make sure that you wear warm clothes and don’t give chance to enter the ice in your shoes as well as your jackets or sweaters. I have experienced the first snow fall in my life.

We had Maggie and Momos on the top. And clicked some pictures here.


Picture : On the top ! (Pratik)

The temperature started decreasing gradually. So, Vivek having problem in breathing. Pratik took him to Army Camp where Oxygen cylinder was present. Due to this problem we decide to leave this place as early as possible.

There was heavy traffic on returning route cause the glacier slided down on Nubra Valley Road.
Somehow we managed to move bikes from that traffic jam and started the return journey.

Khardung La Top to Leh City Travel

Picture ~ Back to pavilion…

As we gradually starting for Leh the traffic was not anymore. And vivek was feeling good.

The returning journey never disappointed us cause the view was like that…

Picture ~ Roads from the mountains..

After coming approx 20 kms this view is replaced by this one…

Picture : Ahaa! The Road <3

Meanwhile, we found Rancho’s School (Aamir Khan, 3 idiots Movie) on the road. It is famous as Rancho’s School after movie was released.

Picture : Rancho’s School from 3 idiots movie on Khardung La Road, Leh, India

Finally we reached Leh city after crossing this BRO point.

Picture : Khardung La Road Ends here…

We returned to Leh City around 1.00 Pm. Everyone was hungry but first we sent vivek & Pratik to LSRC Room.

Akshay & Me brought Lunch from city to LSRC Room for all. We had dinner on 4.00 Pm and slept.

Important Travel Tip while you are in Ladakh :

On High altitude places severe headache, breathing problem occurs. So doctors advice everyone to take as maximum rest in the room and match your body with this cool temperature.

We talked in the evening at home and had dinner & then watched Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani Movie and slept.

It was one of the best day in my life to travel Khardung La on Bullet. The roads, the weather, the nature everything was outstanding.

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