Jain Fast : Life Changing Experience

Jain Fast : Life Changing Experience

9 days of Jain Upwas were very special for me! Let me tell you you what Jain Upwas are ?

You can’t eat food. You can only drink warm water from morning 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM

Picture ~ Me with my Parents on the occasion of Pachkavni Function


It was my deep desire to do Upwas and I started it when Paryushan Parva started.
So, for a change I decided to go without social media ( Fb, whatsapp, instagram )
So I tried my best to invite many of you through Shubham & Sunny. If you tell about phone call; I was advised to speak less.

Picture ~ Crowd for My Pachkavni Function at Parner, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Doing all Dharmik things made me more stable, calm and confident.

One thing I learned from this Upwas that if you have deep desire and you keep going there is nothing you can’t achieve in life !
I was amazed to experience the power of Navkar Mahamantra which had given me energy to keep going.

I am grateful for my parents & relatives who served me in these 9 days.
I’m so lucky that the way they did all the arrangements, decoration and ran for every single work. Even my friends took many efforts for success of program.

Swadhyayji Mrs Kalpana Aunty Barmecha & Sanghvi Dadiji ( Jain Guru ) who taught me religious things, motivated & supported me a lot in these 9 days.

I would like to thank my all friends who came for my function. I felt overwhelmed 😊

Michchami Dukkdam ( I exonerate my feelings if I knowingly unknowlingly disturbed anyone please forgive me)

P.S. : Due to No internet I missed many friend’s birthdays. So I am really sorry for the same.

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