How Bodhgaya has the answer to find yourself

How Bodhgaya has the answer to find yourself

“Buddham Saranam Gachchami,

Dhammam Saranam Gachchami.”

Next day we started for Bodhgaya at 10.00 after having heavy breakfast. Varanasi to Bodhgaya is 255 kms via NH19. It nearly takes 6 hrs to reach here meanwhile we had lunch at 13.00.

One of the most holy place in India to meditate, worship & finding yourself 🙂

Let me tell you :

Things to know about Buddhism & Gautam Buddha :

Picture ~ Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya

Most holy place for Buddhists situated on the bank of River Niranjana. King Ashoka was the first to build a temple here.

Buddha was born in 563 BC is in now Nepal on Baisakhi Pournima.

As, Siddhartha, he left his family at the age of 29 in 534 BC, travelled and meditated in search of Truth.

After doing, self mortification of six years at Urubela (Bodhgaya in Gaya), he gave up that practice because it did not give him Vimukti.

Then, he discovered Noble Light fold path without help from anyone & practiced it & attained “Buddhatva” or Enlightment.

Buddhtva is a state of being completely free from Delusion (Moha),

Hatred (Dosha),

Lust (Raga).

Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya 

It is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site on 27th June 2002, also known as Mahabodhi Mahavihara.

The gold painted statue of Buddha in the sanctum shrine of the temple is made of black stone built by Pala Kings of Bengal.

Buddha’s statue seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra.

 Let’s see here important places to visit which will really blow your mind that how great Buddha was.

1. The Sacred Bodhi Tree : (1st Week)

It is the place where Buddha spent his first week in meditation after enlightenment.

Picture ~ The Sacred Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

This Peepel Tree’s botanical name is Ficus Religiosa.

On present day; This tree will be probably the fifth succession of the original tree which was earlier destroyed several times by man-made or natural calamities.

2. Vajrasana

The Diamond Throne is the seat of the Buddha’s enlightment.

Picture ~ Vajrasana, Mahabodhi Mahavihara, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

It is made of Red sand stone. Venerable Ashwaghosha in his Buddhacarita reveals that this is the Navel on the earth.

Fa-hien mentions that all the past Buddhas attained enlightenment here & future Buddhas too will attain the enlightenment on this spot.

3. Animesh Lochana Chaitya (2nd Week) 

Situated on the north east of the Mahabodhi Temple, this is the place where Buddha spent 2nd Week in meditation.

Picture ~ Animesh Lochana Chaitya, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

Buddha spent 2nd week in meditation in standing posture gazing at the Bodhi Tree with motionless eyes for one whole week.

3. Canakamana (3rd Week) 

This is the place where the Buddha spent the third week in meditation practicing the walking meditation called the Canakamana or the Cloister Walk.

Picture ~ Canakamana, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

The raised platform with the Lotus Flower mark the spot where Buddha kept his foot while walking.

4. Ratanghara (4th Week)

The Ratanaghara or the Jewel House is the place where Buddha spent his 4th week in meditation.

Picture ~ The Ratanaghara, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

Situated on the North-East of Temple, the Buddha Meditated here reflecting on the Patthana or the Law of Dependent Origination.

A ray of six colours was said to have emanated from his body during that period and the Buddhists have designed their flag based on these colour.

Picture ~ Buddhist Flag

5. Ajapala Nigrodha Tree (5th Week)

The pillar marks the spot where the free once stood marking the place where the Buddha spent the 5th Week.

Picture ~ Ajapala Nigrodha Tree, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

After his attainment of enlightenment and delivered discource on the equality of mankind.

6. Muchalinda Sarovar (Sixth Week) 

The place where the Buddha spent the sixth week in meditation after his enlightenment.

Picture ~ Muchalinda Sarovar, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

While the Buddha was in meditation, a severe thunderstorm broke out and seeing the Buddha getting drenched the snake king of the lake called Muchalinda came out of his abode and protected the Buddha with his hood from the violent wind & rains.

7.  Rajyatna Tree

Lord Buddha spent a week in meditation situated in the south of the temple.

It is said that, two merchants from Burma (presently Myanmar) named Tapassu & Bhalika while passing this way offered rice cake & honey to Buddha & took refuge in the Buddha & his teachings;

  “Buddham Saranam Gachchami,

               Dhammam Saranam Gachchami.”

But they could not take refuge in the Sangham because the Sangha was not constituted then, thus they became the first lay devotees in Buddhist world.

Some important places in Bodhgaya :

1. Meditation Park 

Picture ~ Meditation Park in Bodhgaya

These are the timings of Meditation Park :

         Day Time :   6.00 – 18.00 : 25 INR

         Night Time : 21.00- 4.00 : 100 INR


2. Wat Thai Buddhgaya :

Picture ~ Wat Thai Buddhgaya Temple, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

This temple is built by people who came from Thailand. You will see Thailand culture in this temple.

Architectural style from Thailand is marvellous. Serene statue of Lord Buddha is inside.

Picture ~ Wat Thai Buddhagaya Statue, Gaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

3. Karma Tharjay Monastery 

Monastery is situated just beside Daijokyo Japanese Temple. It was opened some 15 years ago.

Picture ~ Karma Tharjay Monastery, Bodhgaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

4. The Great Buddha Statue :

The tourist attraction at this place is The Great Buddha Statue which is 80ft in height and built by Daijokyo which took 7 years to built; established in 1989.

Picture ~ The Great Budhdha Statue, Bodhgaya, Uttar Pradesh, India

And after that, we started on 17.00 for Rajgir, Bihar which is 72 kms from Bodhgaya. It took almost 2.30 hrs to reach there.

Had very great dinner at Dharmashala (Room) and slept.


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