Ganeshkhind – The place where all your desires gets fulfilled

Ganeshkhind – The place where all your desires gets fulfilled

Everyone of us almost heard the stories getting your wish fulfilled. Yes! It is true here. If you ask anything to Lord Ganesha by coming here by all your heart you will get it. Many people don’t believe in God but you can believe in positive vibes of this place.

Ganeshkhind Temple – Parner

Picture ~ Ganeshkhind Temple Parner

Ganeshkhind Temple ?
Where ?
Why to Visit ?
Historical Importance ?
Best time to visit Ganeshkhind Parner ?
What is the mystery behind the place ? (Keep reading..)

Ganeshkhind temple is located on southern sides of Parner which is only 8 kms.
Ganeshkhind from Ahmednagar : 48 kms
Ganeshkhind from Pune : 105 kms (Shivajinagar Bus Stand to Parner by Bus on 2.45 PM everyday)
Ganeshkhind from Mumbai : 250 kms (Mumbai Central Bus Stand to Parner, Bus is in midnight by morning you will be Here )

Why to visit Ganeshkhind ?

Picture ~ Lord Ganesha Statue at Ganeshkhind Temple Parner, Ahmednagar, Maharshtra, India

The one who comes with his problems at this temple will definitely find a solution over it, within the premises of Lord Ganesha. Devotees love to visit this place, having positive vibes as well as pleasant atmosphere. Along with the beauty of Nature,One can experience waterfall here which comes from hilly ranges.You can also enjoy short trek here.

What is the historical importance of Ganeshkhind Parner ?

Picture ~ Ganeshkhind Temple Parner, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Brahma used to say, Earlier, a great ascetic was named Bharadwaj in Avanti. He used to teach the Vedas to the students. One day, when he went to the Kshipra river, he was curious to see the beautiful lady taking bath and he lost his sperms. His sperms collected by Earth and from that soil earth gave birth to a child whose colour was as same as hibiscus flower.When the child was seven years old, he asked the earth. Why my body is not like other people?, my body is so red.
The earth told him story of previous birth story and he requested her to take him to his father.Prithvi took her to Bharadwaj Rishi and told him that he’s your child. Bhardwaj Rishi hugged him tightly and accepeted him as his child. After some days, he taught him Vedas and told him to study the indian culture. Bhardwaj rishi told him to chant Shri Ganesh Mantra and told him to worship god (Do Anushthana). He obediently took his father’s order and Prithvi’s son went to on the banks of Narmada River and did enchanted for Lord Ganesha for 1000 years. After his long tapasya on magh shuddha chaturdashi Lord Ganesha appeard infront of Prithvi’s son and told him to ask anything he wanted. Then he told that, I want to taste ‘Amrit’ while residing in heaven. My name should be taken in whole universe. And the day when you appeared infront of me it should be best for all the devotees if they come for my darshana. Lord Ganesh told him, I will complete all your desires. Your colour is red like fire (Agnee) so your name will be “Angarak” and your birth is given to you by Prithvi so people will also call you as a “Bhaum”. This type of offerings given by Lord Ganesha and then hi disappeared. Then, prithviputra Mangala built Dashabhuja Ganesha Temple on the same place. And named as “Mangalmurti”. Ganesha offered his blessings and Angarakh went on to service for him lifetime.The chaturthi comes on Somwar (On Monday) so its somvati chaturthi.Bhaum’s name was Angarakh so the chaturthi comes on Mangalwar(Tuesday) so its Angarakhi chaturthi. This Holy temple is located on southern sides of Parner.

~ Reference – Shri Ganeshpurana Kathasar, Adhyaya 61

Best time to visit Ganeshkhind Temple Parner ?

Best time to visit this enchanting place is June to December. Angarkhi Chaturthi is most important festival here which falls down in August month.

Hey hello, it is not still over yet. Something mysterious is remaining. The great freedom fighter Senapati Bapat is from Parner.

Picture ~ The great freedom fighter Senapati Bapat from Parner

And he made secret tunnel from Parner to Ganeshkhind at the time of Independence of India (1947). The road is not in good condition but it is true.

One more thing is that, there is mouse infront of Lord Ganesha wherever you go and if you speak whatever you want in life in his ear, he will give your message to Lord Ganesha to make it fulfilled.

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