Everything about Chittorgarh Fort updated 2018

Everything about Chittorgarh Fort updated 2018

Chittor Fort / Chittorgarh is one of the best fort I have ever seen till this date. It’s beauty, ancient architecture style & legendary history will really make you feel proud about Rajput warriors & Queens.

Everything About Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

History about Chittorgarh Fort :

Chittor fort was named after “Chitrangad Maurya”. The legendary fort built in 7th century AD by Mauryan Rulers.

Chittor Fort was capital of Sisodia & Gahlot Kings who ruled Mewar between 8th and 16th Century.

This fort was attacked thrice & each time it was safeguarded by Rajput Warriors.

First attacked in 1303 by Allaudin Khilji who had desire of wanting exceptionally beautiful Rani Padmini.

Rani Padmini was queen of Mewar in 13th to 14th Century.

Ratan Sen (Rajput Ruler of Mewar) brought her from Sri Lanka in Chittor after hearing beauty from Parrot Hiraman.

This story is based on “Padmavaat” Poetry Collection by Malik Mohhamad Jayasi and www.traveltolive.in is not responsible whether it is true or false :

Allaudin Khilji promised to only see Rani hence he came to Chittor Fort. Hence, the arrangement is done in Gaumukh Reserviour (You can see it in upper image) in such a way that with the help of Sun’s reflection he can see Padmini by mirror image from Padmini’s Palace.

But, after seeing her beauty ; Allaudin khilji killed Ratan Sen but Rani Padmini did not accepted Khilji’s offer and preferred to die and performed Jauhar (Mass Suicide) to protect her from Khilji.

Hence, Rani Padmini is known as legendary queen of Mewar.

Two more attacks happened in 1535 by Gujrat’s Sultan Bahadur Shah. And in 1567 by Third Mughal Emperor Akbar decided to pressurise Maharana Udai Singh by siege of Chittorgarh.

Features of Chittor Fort :

Areawise, Chittorgarh is largest fort in India. Positioned on an elevated hill of 180 meter near the Gambheri River extends 3 km in length & 13 km in peripheral length. Covering total area of 700 acres.

There are well designed palace inside, along with huge towers & splendid cenotaphs.

Fort having seven huge gates called as :

Ram Pol,

Lakshman Pol,

Padal Pol,

Jorla Pol,

Ganesh Pol,

Bhairon Pol,

Hanuman Pol &

Main gate as “Surya Pol”. To enter in the fort you have to enter through this seven giant polls having iron spikes.

Picture ~ One of the Pol (Gate) of Chittor Fort, Chittorgarh Village, Rajasthan, India

Temples in Chittorgarh Fort :

There are many temples in Chittor Fort which are ;

Jain Temple, Ganesh Temple, Kalika Mata Temple, Sammidheshwara Temple, Meerabai (or Krishna) Temple, Kumbha Shyam Temple, Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple being ancient these temples have remarkable architecture.


Jain Temple :

This derasar is very ancient temple from 11th Century.

It is Shwetambar Temple (it is a sub-category of Jain Religion)

When Allaudin Khilji attacked chittor fort he damaged some part of this temple. I personally feel very angry about this person who is destroyer of Jain Temples.

Picture ~ Ancient Jain Temple at Chittorgarh Fort


Picture ~ Ancient Jain Temple in Chittorgarh | Source : mouthshut.com


Ganesh Temple :

Picture ~ Ganesh Temple at Chittor Fort, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India

Ranakumbha Palace :

Picture ~ Rana Kumbha Palace, Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

Palace is with underground cellars where Rani Padmini committed Jauhar (Mass Suicide) with other ladies and children of Chittor.


Padmini Mahal :

It is also known as Padmavati where Rani used to stay here in Palace.

Picture ~ Rani Padmini Mahal, Chittor Fort, Rajasthan,India


Towers in Chittor Fort :

Vijay Stambh : (Tower of Victory)

Maharana Kumbha built this to memorialize his great victory over Mohammed Khilji in 15th Century.

It is 9 stoyey huge tower having height – 122 ft

And width/ base – 47 sq ft

Picture ~ Vijay Stambh in Chittor Fort, Rajasthan, India | Source : www.mouthshut.com

Meanwhile I clicked the picture of

Vijay Stambh & Kirti Stambh :

Picture ~ Vijay Stambh & Kirti Stambh at Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India


Kirti Stambh : (Tower of Fame)

Kirti stambh built in 12th Century dedicated to first Jain teerthankar Adinath Ji. It is 7 storey structure which is having height of 22 meter(s).

Picture ~ Fateh Prakash Palace Museum in Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

These are some other pictures of places which are in critical condition are here;

Picture ~ Other Area of Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

By following these details; you can roam fort within a day if you start in the morning.

Best time to visit is October-February.

Thank you for reading, Travellers!


Note : traveltolive.in posted this content on basis of History. traveltolive.in is not responsible for anything written above. No hard feelings 🙂

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