My Thrilling 9 Hours Journey from Leh to Srinagar

My Thrilling 9 Hours Journey from Leh to Srinagar

Road Trip is one of the lively experiences from my Life. I love to go on Roadtrip and Leh to Srinagar journey was dream come true for me. The thrilling roads, mountains & silence will definitely make you fall in love with this place.

 9 Hours Journey from Leh to Srinagar

Day 12 : 12th June 2015 :  Journey from Leh to Srinagar

Today we started return journey. Due to my academic result I decided to return home today only and my friends decided to go Delhi & Agra and going to return on 20th June 2015.

So, we met LSRC’s staff and officers. We appreciated them for their service.

                        Picture ~ R & R (Rest & Recreation) Centre at LSRC. | Our Room at Ground Floor.

Pratik went to Karu on 5.30 AM. He lived to that place till std 4th.He met Buddhist Monk in a Bus and talked about spirituality and all.

We started for Srinagar on 10.45 AM by carrying many great memories with us.

Picture ~ L.S.R.C. Main Entrance, Phyang, Leh, Ladakh, India.

We went to Leh City and booked Innova and Driver was Amen.

Picture ~ Leaving behind this beautiful place 🙁

We had breakfast in the middle and reached Kargil Sector around 4.00 PM

Picture ~ Kargil City, India

Indus River aka Sindhu in India which flows in two countries i.e. India & Pakistan.

Picture ~ Indus River

Zojila Pass Route

Zojila pass route is very risky. So always take care you are going with good driver. Many times traffic gets blocked on this route or one-way traffic is going on.

Always keep good information to avoid circumstances.

Picture ~ Traffic is blocked.. Let’s Click some pictures 🙂

After clearing traffic we reached Sonmarg. Nature was flaunting in his own way and the Indian Flag in this view was making it simply awesome.

Picture ~ Sonmarg Sector, Jammu & Kashmir, India


Nature has a therapy to make you happy person. So it’s simple

when in doubt ; Travel,

when you’re sad ; Travel,

when you don’t know what to do ? ; Travel.


Picture ~ Leaving Himalayas Mountains Behind..Sad feelings…

We reached on 10.00 PM at Srinagar. Had great Punjabi food at Delhi Rasoi Dhaba near Dal Lake.

Booked Room at Hotel Iram Palace for INR 800 &  slept.


Day 13 : 13th June 2015 : Solo Travel from Srinagar to Mumbai 🙂

Everyone woke up at 6.00 AM.

My friends were leaving for Jammu. Everyone were getting emotional about Leaving this beautiful place and me too.

So, finally my friends started for Jammu.

Pratik told me that buses are going to Airport from TRC

Bus Stand (Tourism Reception Center) which are just 60 INR other people like Rickshaws, Taxis asks for 200 INR.

So, I left that Hotel at 10.00 AM as flight was on 2.45 PM. Reached at airport on 11.15 AM

Srinagar International Airport (Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport) is one of the most sensitive airport in India due to terrorist activities. So, for protecting every individual or tourists. Hence, there are three check-posts and baggage looking.

Finally, I checked-in at airport. I met that Aunty at airport who met us at Leh Palace. We had great conversations on Ladakh memories.

I talked with my best friend Shubham & boarded on 2.45 PM in the flight & reached on 5.30 PM.

Picture ~ View from my flight.

Then I came to where I belong, Parner my Hometown. Just 180 kms from Mumbai 🙂

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